Are "Planet-Saving" Meats Enough?

This isn’t Ranch Dressing … people dressed from head to toe in extremely protective gear so that they can walk around their farm...

We often associate this imagery with DEgenerative agriculture, but what if we told you this is not the full story?

Yes, spraying deadly chemicals over our croplands and pastures that kill all bugs, plants, and fungi (and makes surrounding wetlands and rivers toxic for fish, frogs, etc.) is an overall not so good thing…

But, is this the full story? There are plenty of companies online today selling foods that they claim to not be harmful for the planet. But is that the full story? Is the planet all that matters? Yes, of course it matters, but is it the ONLY thing that matters?

In other words, does the planet’s health trump everyone else’s health? Can we actually separate the health of the planet from “everyone” else? Seems reductionist…

HERE IS THE RUB. Serving planet-saving meats without serving local food locally; without providing local farmers doing Regenerative work a livable income … let alone an income that helps them and their communities THRIVE … is not a system we are interested in. In other words, is “regenerative and good food” grown without social reciprocity … is “regenerative and good food” grown here but nourished there … actually planet-healing? …let alone regenerative and good?

Regenerative farmers believe that “we don’t export our nutrients” and rather they “keep them in place.” If that is a tenant of Regenerative Agriculture, why is it not a tenant of companies selling Regenerative Agriculture’s products?

Regenerative and good foods must be not sprayed with toxic chemical and it must build soil, increase biodiversity, etc., but it also must be healing to the local community of ALL life; it must provide THRIVABLE livelihoods for family farms; it must be grown and nourished locally in the happy and communal bellies of local families.

We’ll just leave that here for a bit. The decision is up to you. We are co-creating what we believe to be a solution. Will you join us!?