Common People! This Should be Common!

We are on a mission to co-create a new food system.

We say this a lot at Commons, but why does it matter? Why do we need a new food system?

Yesterday, after nearly two hours on the phone with a prospective new partner who wants to utilize our network of VERIFIED REGENERATIVE and HYPER-LOCAL and HUMAN-SCALE farms, we became quite disappointed…


There are so many organizations today offering regenerative meats online. This company we were talking with was one of them that I bet some of you even know and maybe even purchase from!

But NONE of these organizations are 1) nurturing the human & community side of this system and are only extractive and 2) paying farmers what their pain, sweat, blood, and tears are worth … not even close!

After nearly 2 hours on the phone, this organization said their best offer for verified regenerative, grass-fed and finished beef was $2.60 a pound.

They are retailing that meat for $9-$12/lb but the local farmers producing those animals for at least TWO YEARS and taking all the risk with droughts, increased weather events, sickness and death, predation issues, land costs and disadvantage, and working 80 hours a week in the rain and sun and snow and sleet … etc., only gets $2.60???

Next time you buy ground beef from these online retailers, realize this…

Now listen, $2.60/lb is a great number for the multinational, commercial conglomerates and CAFOs around the world. But are your local, verified regenerative and family farms…multinational organizations?? Do you really want them to take the easy way out and capitalize and commercialize and degenerate the natural world?

Why are we telling you this?

You as the “consumer” should be so ABSOLUTELY maddened by this. You should be so ABSOLUTELY disgusted by this. If a more beautiful world exists, it can only exist if you are first maddened by this!

We have so much more to say but we’ll leave it at this: while the companies you currently buy from pay farms $2.60lb … we a Commons pay $7.00 - $12.00lb depending on the “cut.” AND WE DONT CHARGE MORE FOR OUR PRODUCTS.

While Whole Food sells you commericial and grain-finished steaks for $19.99 per pound, we at Commons, through creative structures and a truly amazing network of farmers, are able to sell you verified regenerative, grass-fed and finished, and truly local steaks for $9.53 per pound!!! And, our farmers, on average, make over 85% of that (while Whole Foods gives less than 14% to the farmers).

Common people, why isn't this Common!!!