Daniel Griffith and The End of CPG Companies and the Rise of Localism


In this episode, recorded just before my Keynoting of the 2023 Force Of Nature Conference in Fredricksburg, Texas at ROAM Ranch, Kyle and our founder, Daniel Griffith discuss the stale nature of Regenerative Agriculture and its recurrent ability to colonize, mechanize, and continue its slavery to the industrial system. 


We need a new (and also very old!!) visions for the food “system.” In many ways, we need a resurgence; we do NOT need a revolution. Long has our civilization revolved between lesser and greater evils and long has our civilization lacked equity in the natural world.

One way this looks like is the emergence of the human-scale, collaborative farm.

Human-scale farming undermines the degenerative mindset of the industrial system. Human-scale farmers may operate within the pace of nature and within the social and ecological context of their community.

This transition, from siloed, individualistic, and industrial farms to collectives of human-scale farms, is a transition from control to intervening—from a dependence on the industrial machine into an interdependence between everyone, on everyone.

Or, we can just continue supporting commercial conglomerates that ship their highly-controlled “meats” from individual and LARGE farms to centralized distribution centers to your door…as though a journey of ~5,000 miles where FedEx makes the majority of the money and the commercial farmer (a farmer nonetheless!!) makes 14% of the total dollar spend … is regenerative because some fancy marketing told you so…

The nutritional poverty of the conventional landscape where control, colonization, and the “machine” still reigns and in many ways imbues this “regenerative movement” with the same story—the same paradigm.

Support your local farms. Support their collaborations and collectives and co-ops. Spit out the rest. The rest are a poor insult to sacrifice with convenience.

You can listen to the full conversation below!