What Are We Really Afraid Of?

We stand at the edge of failure. Global supply chains have proven their instability time and time again; conventional agriculture has proven its inability to "feed" the world; carbon, we are told, is rampant and the world is warming too quickly; and "better" solutions yell at us for our money from every corner of our Instagram feeds and email inboxes.

BUT, while our problems seem global, what if our solutions were local? While our problems seem industrial, what if our solutions were located at your family's dinner table? And, what if your dinner table was really just a diverse expression of your local community?

This is Localism.

But localism, we are told, cannot save the world; it cannot feed the world; and it is not possible in a culture of Packaged Goods and Grocery Stores. But, we forget that 33% of all commercial foods produced goes to waste and, if we were to take even 25% of that waste (so 8% of the total), we could feed nearly 1 BILLION people in impoverished and underprivileged communities across the world...

So, what are we really afraid of? Stepping away from a broken system?

What are we really afraid of? Actually co-creating a new vision where food is accessible to everyone?

What are we really afraid of? Challenging the industrial mindset of supply chains in place of communities?

We at Commons Provisions believe that it is high-time to turn our backs on a culture that has gone sterile and dead and completely commercialized and get with the visions of a living world full of diverse, equitable, and vibrant life where imagination is re-empowered and local communities are thriving through hyper-collaboration and collective agriculture.

What account will we give of our stewardship ... of planet earth? This is the question.

But it depends on you.

Fundamental changes are often labeled as impractical and dangerous and riotous and unkind and, believe us, we get emails every day from people who are mad at us for challenging this modern food system.

But it depends on you. Who will you support? Global supply chains or your neighbors?


We at Commons Provisions pay our local farms 84% percent of every dollar you spend with us (and an additional 10% goes to locally-owned, small USDA food processors).

National grocers and even boutique "online food delivered" organizations pay the large-scale farms in their international supply chains between 14% and 24% of your spent dollar.

We believe that the financial inequity of the grocer and online-food delivered industry is unjust and destructive to the regeneration of our planet and life.

We as a people need to re-align and turn inwards, to community, to localism, to helping our neighbors, to dropping our branded pride and working as one people. There, in the wonders of collaborations and collectives, may there be a more just, more equitable, more sustainable, more regenerative, more financially accessible, and simply more beautiful world.

But it depends on you.