Three Springs Farm
100% Grass-Fed and Finished Beef in Madison County, Virginia

Aroda, Virginia Farm joins the Commons Family!

Owners Evan and Karen Boone made the decision to start farming after Evan's time in the U.S. Air Force.

The Boones wanted to settle somewhere where they could grow their dream of owning a farm and raising food responsibly for both their family as well as their community. That is what brought them to Madison, Virginia, where they currently raise Grass Fed & Finished Beef, non-GMO fed Lamb, and Pasture Raised non-GMO Berkshire Pork.

“Let us feed you like family,” is their mantra and they are proud to have served their country in the Air Force and their community via verified regenerative and responsible farming.

At Three Springs Farm in Madison County, they believe that the quality you put in is the quality you get out. By taking care of the land, the animals, and our customers, Three Springs Farm’s business succeeds because it builds a thriving community.

“Our goal with our livestock has always been how we can use them to build our soil, reclaim and restore land while still allowing them to express their natural instinct. All of our livestock are managed in a way that helps us work with land and animals, not fight against it. By mimicking nature's natural systems and maintaining healthy cycles of nature we are able to restore the land in a better way. We are not always perfect at this, but we strive as a farm to get better at it everyday,” writes Evan.

“We look forward to what adventures God has planned for us while we continue to grow our dream of raising food that is good for the land, the animal and the community.”

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March 13, 2022 — Daniel Griffith