Verdant Acres Farm
100% Grass-Fed and Finished Beef and Lamb, Forest-Raised and Heritage Pork in Rockbridge County, Virginia

Rockbridge County, Virginia Regenerative Farm joins the Commons Family!

John and Mary Peterson run Rockbridge County, Virginia regenerative farm, Verdant Acres.

The Peterson’s share the increasingly popular frustration in finding real foods that nourish the land it was raised the consumer it feeds. Their mission Is simple: to provide nutrient-dense foods that make a positive impact on the planet, so that you feel empowered every time you create a delicious meal.

“We’re hyper local, you can feel good about your footprint,” write Mary.

“You will feel 1000% DELIGHTED when you feed your family the cleanest-highest quality farm fresh foods. Realizing everything you eat is astonishingly good & that you are healing the Earth every time you cook makes you feel like a SUPERHERO!!”

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March 13, 2022 — Daniel Griffith