What The Farm

Along with their three kids, Kelly and Chris run What The Farm, a 25-acre diversified and verified regenerative livestock farm in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

While living in Austrailia as part of the military, they were awakened to the degredation of the American food system. Fruits and vegetables would spoil after a few days and the surrounding farms raised their animals on beautiful, green pastures (inplace of overcrowded pens and feed lots).

Kelly and Chris never dreamed of owning land and livestock in rural Virginia, but, in 2018, they decided to become an aspect in a new system--a regenerative vision.

Today, What the Farm spans 25-acres of once-soybean or wheat fields that is a budding and growing diversity of perennial plants, happy animals, and regenerating forests. Through focusing on the health and vitality of the land through the management of animals in pastures, What The Farm is regenerating thier community and soils.

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