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Easy, accessible, and Common recipes.

Eating the whole animal is as important as eating.


Simple Beef Chili
Simple Beef Chili
This easy and warming chili is the perfect addition to a cold morning, a windy...
How to Render Lard
How to Render Lard

This recipe will show you how to easily make lard from the comfort of your home! Lard can be a truly nutrient-dense and clean alternative to cooking oils!

Simple Sage-Crusted Round Roast
Simple Sage-Crusted Round Roast
The change in season also beckons for warmer, heartier meals, and what could be more satisfying than a simple, delicious, slow-roasted round roast?

Hyper Local

Nourishment can only be communion within community. It cannot be shipped; it connect be imported. It can only be neighborly.

Verified Regenerative

What does regeneration actually mean? All producers in the collective undergo annual Ecological Outcome Verification™ (EOV™) monitoring.

Learn more about EOV here.


Farming in the human-scale implies boundaries and connection to place. It promotes relationship and diminishes control.