Regenerative Chicken Eggs

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Regenerative & Pastured Chicken Eggs in Central Virginia that you can feel good about!

1 dozen, Chicken Eggs

Pasture-raised and supplemented with Certified Organic, non-GMO, and Soy-Free locally milled grains.

Richly Flavorful - Our regenerative and pasture-raised chicken eggs are hand harvested and washed by family farm across Virginia. Free to roam and forage rich polycultures of native grasslands and ancient forests, our regenerative and pasture-raised chickens contains a depth of flavor that pleases even the most pickiest eaters! 

Deeply Nourishing - Our regenerative chicken eggs contain 2x as much Omega-3's, 3x more vitamin D, 4x more vitamin E, and 7x more beta-carotene than eggs from hens raised in traditional systems and feeds. ...and, they taste amazing!

Verified Regenerative - We do more than hope that our provisions are regenerative. We prove it! Our community of over 35 human-scale and local farmers have undergone years of rigorous testing and landscape monitoring to prove and substantiate the regenerative status of their farms. Our farmers and their management have proven that they are building soil, increasing biodiversity, sequestering carbon, increasing the water-holding capactiy of the soil, etc.

Social Reciprocity - From the soul to the soil! Thanks to you and our decentralized systems approach, approximately 80% of every dollar you spend at Commons flows DIRECTLY to our farmers! Compared to 14% in the grocery and 25% in our online competitors. We believe that farmers should be paid for their hard work and we put our money where our mouth is ... literately!

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All of Commons Regenerative Chicken is harvested directly from our verified regenerative, local, and human-scale farm community.

No feedlots. No antibiotics. No hormones. No chemicals. No preservatives. No herbicides. No pesticides. No GMOs. No soy. Only nature ... only native pastures and ancient woodlands from birth through life to death. This is clean, ethical, verified regenerative, chemical-free, and happy chickens!