We Provide Verified Regenerative & Local Provisions from Small Family Farms

Commons Provisions is a community of verified regenerative, local, and small family farms that manage their lands holistically and adhere to the multilayered ethic of soil health, biodiversity, and wildness.

We take the hassle out of buying local food while keeping food local, while paying 84% of every dollar DIRECTLY to our farmers.

The mission behind Commons is exactly what this world needs
if we are going to seriously examine how we produce food and transform our extractive commodity-based system into a community-centered approach that accentuates the vitality and resilience of regenerative agriculture - where soil health, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration are foundational to food production.

Who Is Commons Provisions?

Ecological Outcome Verification

Verified Regenerative

What is actually regenerative?

All Common Wealth producers undergo annual Ecological Outcome Verification™ (EOV™) monitoring. EOV is a globally-accepted and richly scientific protocol for verifying the regenerative status of the land and its management.

Local Food Kept Local

Scaling Regeneration by Keeping it Small

Instead of sourcing provisions from large farms across the county and having ship their "nourishment" thousands of mile, we have instead spent years building and nurturing a network of local family farms that exist in the community of our customers.

When you place an order on our marketplace, it is fulfilled by local and verified regenerative farms FROM YOUR COMMUNITY.

Your food never travels more than 75 miles!