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Purchase Bulk Provisions

Nourishment does NOT have to break the bank.

Bulk Regenerative Meats

Commons Bulk Provisions are the foundation of our mission to foster a uniform diversity, a diversity is uniform across the landscape--both human and wild.

Outlined below are the steps to purchasing Commons' meats in bulk, but if you have any questions, contact us and we will happily help!

Step #1

Find Your Farmer

Not every Commons Producer offers bulk meat options. Click the link below to view a list of local & regenerative farmers and look for the word BULK next to their name, indicating their participation in this program.

Step #2

Submit Request Form

Once you have found your farmer, click the link below to submit a "Bulk Provisions Request" to that farm.

This request allows you to develop a direct, personal, and intimate relationship with your farm, outside the limited confines of the commericalized food system.

Purchasing provisions in bulks supports a rich local food system that puts farmers first and is built in the ethics of nourishment being communion, not colonization.

It also exists outside of the government controlled commercialized food system by creating a relationship with your farmer as an "eater," not "consumer."

Not Ready to Stock Up Your Freezer?

Other Purchasing Options

If you are not yet ready to cultivate a relationship with your farmer or if you need momentary surplus of provisions, you can also order individual cuts of meat directly from Commons.