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Welcome!! You are in our Central Virginia Delivery Network! Let's Get Started!

Step 1. Build Your Box

Welcome to your hyper-local and decentralized community of verified regenerative and human-scale farms!

Step 2. Meet Your Farmers!

Featured Central Virginia Farms

Participation in YOUR local community is more than spending your dollar, it is partaking in the dailiness of life lived in the exciting embrace of localism.

Step 3. Upcoming Events in Central Virginia

Hyper-local and Decentralized Network of Verified Regenerative and Human-Scale Farms Serving FAMILIES LIKE YOU!

Serving Central Virginia with Grass-Fed and Finished, Regenerative, and HYPER-Local Meats and Provisions

Hyper Local

Nourishment can only be communion within community. It cannot be shipped; it connect be imported. It can only be neighborly.

Verified Regenerative

What does regeneration actually mean? All producers in the collective undergo annual Ecological Outcome Verification™ (EOV™) monitoring.

Learn more about EOV here.


Farming in the human-scale implies boundaries and connection to place. It promotes relationship and diminishes control.