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Hyper-Local & Regenerative Grass-Fed and Finished Beef Giveaway

FREE $75 Local Grass-fed Beef Giveaway

The winner will receive an assortment of 100% grass-fed and finished and verified regenerative beef (ground, roasts, and steaks!) from the hyper-local and human-scale farms in our diverse and growing network! $75 retail value ... delivered to your door for free!


100% Grass-Fed and Finished

Verified Regenerative

Human-Scale Family Farms

With our collaborative network of over 35 local, Virginia regenerative farms, we can deliver the convenience your family needs without sacrificing the quality that ONLY local farms can deliver.

100% grass-born, fed, and finished beef that contains high levels of CLAs (conjugated linoleic acid), acancer-fighting polyunsaturated fatty acid. They also contains high levels ofheart disease-fighting antioxidants (vitamin E and A, for instance) and phytochemicals, boasting 5x more Omega-3's than grain-finished alternatives.

We do more than hope that our provisions are regenerative. We prove it! Our community of over 35 human-scale and hyper local farmers have undergone years of rigorous testing and landscape monitoring to prove and substantiate the regenerative status of their farms.

Farming in the human-scale implies boundaries and connection to place. It allows for patience and eradicates the production mindset. Not that it does not produce; rather, it understands products are the outcomes of relationship and not the derivatives of control.

Our Diverse Network of Human-Scale Family Farms

What Our Customers Say...

"All the meats you source are wonderful and super high quality. I’ve been really happy with them so far and have definitely spoken highly of them to anyone I’ve talked to."

Sophia Woods
Customer, Since 2023

"Your Beef Box has changed our lives. We love that you support local farmers; we love that all the foods taste simply AMAZING; we love that it all comes from our local community; and we love supporting a caring community, not a "brand" like other online companies. Thank you!"

Aaron Howell
Customer, Since 2022

"Great mission, unbelievable meats! We live in Norfolk, Virginia and have long struggled to find local foods that are simultaneously accessible and nutrient-dense. Well, we FOUND IT!"

Sarah Howell
Customer, Since 2022

"I’ve made a few dinners for friends and family featuring your beef and lamb roasts and everyone always raves about it!!"

Charlottesville Family
Customer, Since 2022

Hyper Local

Nourishment can only be communion within community. It cannot be shipped; it connect be imported. It can only be neighborly.

Verified Regenerative

What does regeneration actually mean? All producers in the collective undergo annual Ecological Outcome Verification™ (EOV™) monitoring.

Learn more about EOV here.


Farming in the human-scale implies boundaries and connection to place. It promotes relationship and diminishes control.