Step 1

Order online and at your leisure via the Commons Marketplace.

Shop local and verified regenerative grass-fed beef, chemical-free pork, and pastured chicken, adding a multiplicity of nourishment to your cart.

Step 2

We then submit your order to the CLOSEST verified regenerative farms in your area.

We are daily building a network of HUNDREDS of small, local, and verified regenerative farms across the Mid-Atlantic so that 1) your orders come from the MOST LOCAL family farms to you and 2) so that your provisions never travel more than 50 miles (Whole Foods meats travel 3,000+ ...).

Step 3

Your verified regenerative provisions are delivered to YOUR DOOR or COMMUNITY on the scheduled day & time you choose at checkout.

Instead of charging your $40 to ship $50 of meat to your door, we have developed unique delivery and distribution methodologies that allow us to deliver provisions to your door for half the cost!

Step 4

Cook, Prepare, Reheat AND most importantly..... Enjoy your Food!

Once you have picked up your order from your selected drop-off location, it is time to enjoy the nourishment of your community!

Door Delivery

Greater Charlottesville

Orders deliverd to your door in the Greater Charlottesville and Central Virginia region!

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Step 2: Copy and paste this paragraph in the Content Section of your Instagram post.

"Meet Commons Provisions, your Virginia source of verified regenerative and local meats. They source verified regenerative provisions from over 30 LOCAL family farms throughout the Virginia region and deliver them DIRECTLY TO YOUR DOOR, only days after checkout. Follow them at @commonsprovisions"

Step 3: Our team will Direct Message you a 15% Off coupon code for your time!

Small Family Farms to Your Door

We cultivate a community of verified regenerative and small family farms to bring you the best provisions grown and raised on the best soils, period.

How Commons Works

Nothing fancy; just relationship.

We've taken the hassle out of local food while maintaining the commercialized convience of online shopping.

When you place an order with Commons, you are directly supporting a local farm (verified regenerative), growing local foods (chemical-free and 100% grass fed & finished)locally.

Your food will not travel thousands of miles to get to you. That is not ethical nor regenerative. At the most, your food will travel 50 miles, or less!

We do the heavy lifting so you can do your job: become nourished.