Scaling Regeneration by Keeping it Small

Commons Community Impact

Nourishment is Community Work

We are co-creating a better food system, keeping local farms local and their nourishing provisions in the bellies of local families, all in ways that support the whole community.

You make this possible; every dollar you spend within Commons is a dollar that generates lasting wealth in our community. Thank you!

INvestment & Capital Opportunities

$340,000 of Deployed Capital

Thanks to you, we have raised and deployed over $340,000 in patient capital directly to local Virginia Regenerative Farmers for regenerative transitioning, operation scaling and securing, and ecological monitoring!

Farmer Only

84% of Monies to Farmers

Thanks to you and our decentralized but holistic approach, approximately 84% of every dollar you spend at Commons flows DIRECTLY to our farmers! Compared to 14% in the grocery and commodities food systems!