We are on a social and ecological mission to co-create a new food system

84% of every dollar goes DIRECTLY to local family farms.

(compared to 14% at whole foods grocers and 34% at other online retailers)

Serving Central Virginia, Greater Charlottesville, Roanoke, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach.

Do we delivery to your area?
Do we delivery to your area?
Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"Our family struggles with autoimmune diseases and purchases only the cleanest most nutrient-rich meats. Well, we found it! ...and it tastes amazing. "
— Charlottesville, Virginia Family
Customer reviews
"I stopped eating Pork many years ago, due to the chemical nature of its production, even local farmer's production. But THIS is DIFFERENT. Chemical free pork is back on my menu!"
— Crozet, Virginia Family

We Provide Verified Regenerative & Local Provisions from Small Family Farms

Commons is a community of verified regenerative, local, and small family
farms that manage their lands holistically and adhere to the multilayered ethic
of soil health, biodiversity, and wildness.

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Regeneration is our Common Wealth

We believe good food should be enjoyed by all. If our provisions' costs are prohibitive for your family, please click the link below.

Nourishment is Communion

Please consider making an additional donation to help fund our community outreach work. Thank you!

Scaling Regeneration By Keeping it Small

Who Is Commons Provisions?


The Commons is the transference of climate action from the elite to the commons: you, me, and the wonderful operations of community function. Every pound of meat purchased from Commons contributes to a system responsible for sequestering 3.5 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions!

You are the climate solution.

Do we delivery to your area?
Do we delivery to your area?